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Fluid typography
(and its role in design systems)

Using a fun metaphor, Richard will take the audience on a journey from static to responsive web design through to fluid typography. You will learn what fluid typography means and he'll show why its combination of type and spacing is so important to readers and users. You will see that fluid typography can be implemented easily in CSS, provided you have the right mindset. Most importantly you will learn how a fluid approach encourages designers and developers to share a common language, reduce design debt and simplify workflows. Finally he'll show how fluid typography can be used and documented in a design system using real world examples.

About Richard Rutter

Richard Rutter

Richard is a designer living in Brighton, UK. In 2005, he co-founded Clearleft, now one of the world’s leading digital design consultancies. Richard loves to combine his fascination for typography with a belief in the Web as a force for good. As a self-appointed web typography evangelist, Richard is chief organiser of Clearleft’s Ampersand web typography conferences. He also co-founded Fontdeck, a pioneering web font service. A few years ago he realised a dream and published his book Web Typography to much acclaim. A few years ago Richard was named as one of Wired UK’s top 100 people shaping the digital world, which was nice.