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State of the Browser

Sustainable Futures:
Funding the Web Ecosystem

The web is a vital source of the world’s infrastructure and has shaped the way we work and live in the modern world. Surely such an integral piece of our day-to-day life is being built and maintained in a way that ensures it will last?

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. The current system funding access to the web is fragile, fractured and unsustainable. In this talk, I’ll give an overview of the current state of things, how we currently fund the web, why this is a problem, and possible ways to fix this so that access to information remains stable and sustainable for future generations to come.

About Stephanie Stimac

Stephanie Stimac

Stephanie Stimac is a designer and product manager with over 14 years of experience, specializing in developer experiences and the web platform. She has worked for Microsoft Edge, RapidAPI and is now continuing her work in the browser space at Igalia. She’s the author of Design for Developers, written to help developers learn design and UX fundamentals.