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State of the Browser


More information and buying options for tickets.

Saturday, 14 September 2024

The Barbican Centre, Frobisher Auditorium #1

This year there are two ticket types, In-Person and Online. We have kept the tickets at a very reasonable price of £50/£10, but we suggest you pay £60/£10 if you would like to pay more because you want to help us out or just believe the ticket is worth more you can pay way you like.

You can also buy, either an In-Person and/or an Online, diversity ticket that we will pass on to some one who would not normally be able to attend. Last year we gave out over 40 tickets through the diversity scheme.

There are only 79 In-Person tickets left as of Friday, 12 July 2024.

Unfortunately, the widget requires JavaScript, but you can still purchase tickets from the website using the link below or by going to the following URL:

Diversity Tickets

A way for you to enable more people to attend State of the Browser. If you’re someone who is able to help out by purchasing a Diversity ticket for someone else, we encourage you to do so, as we’d love to welcome as many people to our conference as we can!

There are currently 5 In-Person Diversity tickets left as of Friday, 12 July 2024 and an infinite number of Online Diversity tickets.

What’s a Diversity Ticket?
When you purchase an Individual + Diversity ticket (In-Person or Online), your order includes a Diversity ticket which will enable another person who would otherwise be unable to enjoy the conference as well.
Who receives the extra ticket?
Anyone from an under-represented group or in a financial situation which makes buying a ticket difficult will receive a ticket and are encouraged to Apply for a Diversity Ticket
What happens to leftover tickets?
Although we will do our best to source and give out as many Diversity tickets as we can, any leftover tickets will be treated like a donation.
Can Diversity tickets be swapped?
As we near the conference date, if there are available In-Person Diversity tickets and we have pending requests for Online Diversity tickets, we can offer 4 Online Diversity tickets instead.

More information

Can tickets be swapped?
If you are unable to attend in-person, we can only replace 1 In-Person ticket with 2 Online tickets, but not vice versa. You can read more about how this applies to Diversity Tickets.